Well I did it, again. I’ve changed the mechanism by which I manage this website. I am now using hugo along with a very simple theme that I find myself modifying to meet my whims. I do like moving back to the website being a bunch of simple (markdown) files instead of powered by a database and constant runtime renderings. Rendering static files and having those files served from a simple nginx instance with no dynamic languages (so far) feels better at this time.

I can hear my one reader protesting, “but without wordpress there won’t be a mechanism for me to be able to comment on your posts”, to which I reply “even better”. I’m sure it’s great for a lot of folks to give readers the ability to comment on their posts, and to engage in lengthy dialogs but I have never found it to be particularly comfortable, and I’ve found that for the most part, I spend most of my time cleaning out spam not engaged in compelling conversations.

I am still trying to figure out how to structure the content for this site to make it easily navigable but have opted to give myself the chance to just generate content until such time that I figure out how I really want it all to lay out. Hard to sculpt when you have no medium.