Routiner – Status Update : Milestone 1 Completed

February 8th, 2015 No comments

Things went exceedingly well for this first milestone and the final deliverable for the first milestone for Routiner were completed on January 30th. (One day ahead of schedule, damn I’m good! ;-). I’ll discuss the deliverables a bit below but don’t intend to reveal any details about the actual product at this time.

Application Architecture

I’ve created an overall application architecture diagram but at this time this reflects only what is necessary for Release 1. I expect some changes to this as the project matures a bit but it expresses my current understanding of the system and provides a reference to make decisions as the project moves along.

  • Diagram of application architecture published to project wiki

Object Model

The object model took the most time for now, and if past performance is indicative of future results then it’s the one piece that I expect will see the most refactoring as the project moves forward. I’ve create as simple an object model as I could that would still do the job I needed it to do. Once I had arrived at the final design and started playing around with it in my head I realized that it was far more powerful than I had originally given it credit for.

  • Diagram of object model published to project wiki

UX Design

I’ve created a series of hand sketches for the basic interface for both the mobile app and the web application. I’ve deferred addressing the Pebble interface for now due to some questions on my part of exactly the best way to integrate it into my efforts.

  • Hand drawn sketches of the web application UX with interaction notes
  • Hand drawn sketches of the mobile application UX with interaction notes

Final thoughts

In addition to the deliverables there was a bit of time spent setting up the development and deployment environments, reviewing technical documentation of chose implementation platforms and setup of project wiki and source control repositories. I’m quite pleased with how things have moved forward thus far and am looking forward to getting into some development with milestone 2 (this has already begun, but that’s for another update)

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January 2015 : Monthly Recap

February 2nd, 2015 No comments

Last year I download and installed the Reporter app (link), it was a fair amount of fun to get some data entered and then see how things graphed out. (If you’re really interested in this sort of things I would suggest you take a look at Nicholas Feltron’s website . After a few weeks of playing with the app, I realized I was really only capturing end of day reporting, so I started using a spreadsheet to track everything and that’s been my main tool ever since. It’s not as geeky cool as using Reporter, but it does capture all of the data that I’m interested in capturing at this time.

Here’s the numbers for January:

Activity Number of Days Performed Percentage of days available
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 20 65%
Walk Dog 26 84%
Train Dog 16 52%
Shop 8 26%
 Bikram yoga 14 45%
 Ate Vegetarian 31 100%
Ate Vegan 26 84%

I finished two books:

  1. The Devil’s Teardrop – Jeffrey Deaver
  2. Quarry’s Choice – Max Allan Collins


Starting weight (01/01): 244.1

Ending weight (02/01): 234

Loss of 10.1 pounds.

Couple of things I want to improve for next month:

  • Dog’s training up to 100%
  • Working in the shop up to 65%
  • Vegan eating should be above 90%
  • Need to read more, would like to start finishing a book a week


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Routiner : Putting it on the line

January 22nd, 2015 No comments

I was talking with a friend of mine last month about a lack of “interest in pushing through” on various things lately. The conversation went sorta like this:

Me: I think I’ve hit a wall in my willingness to push through things. I want to get it done but when I sit down to actually work on it I work on it for a while and realize that I’d rather go to the gym, or take a nap. It’s not that I don’t want to finish it, it’s just that the urgency isn’t there.

Friend: You’re not committed, so you don’t push.

Me: I’m committed, I’ll get it finished, I just don’t feel the urgency. Even though there’s other things I’d like to explore.

Friend: Just commit publicly to a large audience, that’ll give you some urgency.

After thinking about this a bit I realized that this is the same as telling people who will hold you accountable for commitments you’ve made. (e.g. new year’s resolutions) So, after the first of the year I started telling people about my stack of new year’s resolutions. The first time I did it  I thought “What am I doing??!!?! What happens if I fail to keep them.”. That feeling quickly passed and after a few weeks of living with the consequences of this I think I can share some of the initial results. At its essence: I seem to be much more serious when I make commitments to others than when I make them just to myself. I am VERY committed to not breaking my word to folks that I’ve told these resolutions.

I am mildly surprised by the fact that I’m willing to let myself slide when it’s just me that will know. I thought I had more discipline than that. It’s been a bit of an eye opener for me.

While I’m not going to share my new year’s resolutions here, I’ve decided to share the dates about a new product I’ve been working on called Routiner. I’m not going to give any details about what the project is until it launches, however below is a list of milestones with dates:

  • finish initial application architecture/object model/UX design : [02/01/2015]
  • implement object model/scaffold in rails, create webservices for use by mobile devices, post to development server for development/alpha users [02/15/2015]
  • first iteration of iOS application up and running, talking to website, and able to run basic app functionality : [04/15/2015]
  • iOS application integration with pebble completed : [05/15/2015]
  • first iteration of android up and running, talking to website and able to run basic app functionality [07/15/2015]
  • android integration with pebble completed [08/15/2015]

There is a LOT that isn’t included here, but it’s the major milestones for the next few months and now it’s out there for all to see so they can give me shit if I don’t hit my dates. I’ll update periodically on this as I go along and will eventually start sharing the details of this new JWB Solutions product. Routiner is going to be awesome!

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ATG Developer is now live!

February 18th, 2013 No comments

Just a quick note to all of my readers. I’ve been working on a new website called ATG Developer, you can see it at I intend to have articles, product reviews, industry news, etc. For now it has the first in a series of articles that I’m writing on ATG Servlet development. Check it out!

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Adding Pinterest to the AddThis widget

February 17th, 2013 No comments

This week I was asked to look into a problem adding the pinterest icon to the AddThis widget on a client’s website. I read through the documentation , and added the specified pinterest code to the addthis_config’s services_compact param like this:

var addthis_config = {
    services_compact: 'email, pinterest, facebook, twitter, more',
    services_exclude: 'print'

Save, push new code, refresh and…….. IT DIDN’T WORK.  WTH?! Really? What did I miss?

After looking around on the internet for a while and trying a bunch of things I determined that the addthis documentation is not correct. The correct param for pinterest is pinterest_share, once I made this change it worked as expected. There was a lot of noise on the internet about issues with pinterest and how to fix it, but none of them were using the addthis_config, so I put this up in case it would be helpful to anyone else.

Working example:

var addthis_config = {
    services_compact: 'email, pinterest_share, facebook, twitter, more',
    services_exclude: 'print' 
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